Blocking fees: how GRID helps you charge smarter

Starting December 21, 2023, Shell Recharge will introduce blocking fees for the use of their charging points.

Starting December 21, 2023, Shell Recharge will introduce blocking fees for the use of their charging points, a change that has significant implications for EV drivers. In this blog, we will discuss what these costs mean and how GRID.com can help you charge smartly and efficiently.

What are blocking fees?

Blocking fees are charged when a charging point is occupied for longer than a certain time. At Shell Recharge, this applies after 240 minutes (4 hours) of charging, with costs of €0.05 per minute and a maximum of €12 per charging session. This measure is intended to improve the availability of charging points.

The role of GRID in efficient charging

With the introduction of blocking fees, it becomes even more important to plan your charging sessions efficiently. This is where the GRID app comes into play. Our app helps you find available charging points and provides real-time information about charging status and costs, so you can avoid unnecessary blocking fees.

Tips for smart charging with our app

  • Use the GRID app: Quickly find available charging points and plan your charging sessions to avoid prolonged occupancy.
  • Receive notifications: Set up alerts for when your car is nearly fully charged, so you can disconnect in time.
  • Consider alternative charging points: The app shows different charging points in your area, including those without blocking fees.

Alternatives to Shell Recharge

Although Shell Recharge is one of the many providers on the market, GRID.com offers access to a wide range of charging points. This gives you the freedom to choose charging points that best suit your needs and budget.

How GRID improves your charging experience

  • Flexibility: Choose from a wide network of charging points.
  • Transparency: Get clear information about charging rates and times.
  • Convenience: Plan and manage your charging sessions with ease.


The introduction of blocking fees by Shell Recharge underscores the importance of efficient charge management. With GRID.com, you can make smart choices about where and when to charge, saving costs and contributing to better availability of charging points. Charge smartly, save money, and enjoy the freedom that electric driving offers with GRID.com.