Trading Renewable Energy Units (REUs)

Having explored what Renewable Energy Units (REUs) are and their potential for businesses in part 1, we delve deeper into the world of REU trading.

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The power of REU trading

Having explored what Renewable Energy Units (REUs) are and their potential for businesses in part 1, we delve deeper into the world of REU trading. How can businesses trade these units, and what benefits can they reap by doing so?


How Does REU trading work?

Companies with an account in the Energy for Transport Register can transfer REUs amongst each other. This trading system was established so that participants can collectively deliver their mandatory share of renewable energy in the most cost-effective way and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. REU trading takes place outside of the Energy for Transport Register, and the Dutch Emission Authority (NEA) plays no direct role in it.


Benefits of REU trading for businesses

  • Financial Incentives: Businesses producing more renewable energy than required can sell their surplus REUs to other companies unable to meet their annual obligation. This creates a new revenue stream.  
  • Flexibility: Companies have the choice to either produce and register renewable energy themselves, buy REUs from other businesses, or a combination of both.
  • Promotion of Sustainable Practices: Trading in REUs encourages businesses to invest more in renewable energy sources, as there are direct financial benefits linked to renewable energy production.


GRID ENERGY and the REU market

With the GRID ENERGY, Energy Management System (EMS), businesses are better positioned to capitalize on the REU market. By optimizing energy flows and maximizing renewable energy production, companies can generate more REUs. Moreover, GRID ENERGY can guide businesses through the REU trading process, ensuring they strike the best deals and maximize their return on investment.


The future of REU trading

Trading in Renewable Energy Units offers businesses a unique opportunity to capitalize on their sustainability efforts. By actively participating in the REU market, companies can not only reduce their ecological footprint but also financially benefit from their green initiatives. With the right tools and guidance, such as that provided by GRID ENERGY, businesses can play a leading role in the green revolution.


With GRID EMS, you get more than just an energy management solution—you get a partner committed to helping you optimize your energy use, save money, and build a sustainable future.

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