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Welcome to the GRID release notes page, where we'll keep you updated on all the latest features and improvements we're adding to our mobile app, website, and web app. We're constantly working hard to make GRID the best possible resource for finding and navigating to fueling and charging stations in your area. Here, you'll find detailed information about new features, bug fixes, and any other changes we've made to the GRID platform. We encourage you to check back frequently to stay informed about the latest developments and find out how we're making GRID even more useful for you.

27 February 2024
Version 1.4.2
  • View fast chargers along the route: In the route overview you can now view fast chargers along your route, making planning your trip even easier.
  • Switch between charging stations and fuel stations: While viewing a location you can now easily switch between charging and fuel stations.
  • Change license plate: Easily change the license plate of the vehicles you have added to your account.
  • View additional costs per charging card: Gain insight into additional costs such as subscription costs or hourly and starting rates for each charging station.
  • Better feedback: Enhanced feedback if there are no results with filters set by the user.
  • Several bug fixes: Some performance issues and bugs are solved.
New features
Bug fixes
13 February 2024
Version 1.4.1
  • Speed ​​in sight: Keep an eye on your speed with our new, handy speedometer while navigating. Safe driving comes first!
  • Fuel prices at a glance: No more guessing about fuel prices. View the current prices of petrol stations along your route, clearly displayed in the local currency.
  • Your opinion counts: Do you have a positive experience at a gas station? Share your review and follow us on social media. Your recommendations help the GRID community grow.
  • Bug fixes: We've fixed several bugs to make your experience even better.
New features
Bug fixes
5 February 2024
Version 1.4.0
  • New login screen: Direct access to settings, no account required.
  • View fast chargers on the route: Just like in the Android version, you can view fast chargers on your route.
  • Switch between charging stations and fuel stations: Easily choose between different options while viewing locations.
  • View additional costs per charging card: Information about additional costs now also available for iOS users.
New features