Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Charging Station Electric Management System (EMS)?

A Charging Station Electric Management System (EMS) is a comprehensive software platform designed to manage and optimize the operation of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). It enables efficient charging, monitoring, and control of multiple charging stations from a centralized interface.

How does the Charging Station EMS work?

The EMS uses smart charging algorithms and real-time data to manage the flow of electricity to EVs connected to charging stations. It monitors factors like power demand, charging station occupancy, vehicle battery levels, and grid conditions to ensure optimal charging performance.

Does the Charging Station EMS offer billing and payment integration?

Yes, many Charging Station EMS solutions come with built-in billing and payment features. Charging station operators can set up billing rates, process payments, and generate invoices for EV owners based on their charging usage.

App usage

How can I create an account in the GRID app?

To create an account, download our app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. On the home page of the app, you can click on the account symbol at the top right, and then fill in the required details.

Can I view my charging history in the app?

No, it is currently not possible to view your charging history via the GRID app. We do not have access to individual charging session data. For information about your previous charging sessions, including date, time and location, we recommend you contact the charging station provider you used.

How can I save my favourite charging stations?

To save favourite charging stations, first search for the desired charging station in the app. Then click on the charging station to view its details. At the top right of the page, you will see a heart to save it as a favourite. Click on it to add the charging station to your favourites.

Can all car drivers use GRID?

Yes, GRID is there for all car drivers, regardless of whether you have an electric, hybrid or conventional fuel-engine vehicle. Our app not only provides information on charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles, but also shows current fuel prices. This allows everyone, regardless of vehicle type, to find the most convenient and economical option for refuelling or charging.

Do I need an account to use GRID?

No, GRID is accessible to everyone, even without an account. However, access to certain features requires the creation of an account. You can quickly and easily create an account in the app to enjoy these additional functionalities.

Charging stations

How do I know if a charging station is suitable for my vehicle?

To know whether a charging station is suitable for your vehicle, you can check your vehicle's specifications. Look at the charging capacity and the type of charging cable your vehicle supports. In our app, you can also filter by charging capacity and type of charging station to find charging stations suitable for your vehicle. 

What should I do if a charge point seems defective?

If a charge point appears to be defective, it is best to contact the operator of the charge point. In our app, you can click "Report a problem" on the charging station page to find the charging station manager's contact details. You can call them or send them an e-mail to report the problem.


Which payment methods are accepted in the GRID app?

Currently, the GRID app does not accept payments for using charging stations. You have to use the payment options offered by the charge station operator, such as a charge card or a mobile app from the relevant charge station operator.

Are there any subscription fees for the GRID app?

No, there are no subscription costs associated with using the GRID app. The app is free to download and use. You can easily search for charging stations, view your charging history and use other useful features without a subscription fee.

Technical support

Is my device supported by the GRID app?

The GRID app is available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android devices. We support a wide range of devices, but older or less common devices may not be fully compatible with the app. It is always best to check that your device meets the minimum system requirements before downloading the app.


How do I stay informed about new updates and features?

To stay informed about new updates and features, we recommend you keep an eye on our website and social media channels. On our website, you will also find a newsletter you can subscribe to. That way, you will always be up-to-date!

Can I add my charging stations to GRID? 

Yes, if you are interested in making your charging poles visible within our GRID app, please contact our sales department at They can help you further with more information and the process of adding your charging stations to our platform.